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  The New Jersey Court Collector software is the most complete solution to collections tracking, trust account management and disbursement, and forms generation for Court Officers in the State of New Jersey.  The software uses proven methods of Accounting which have stood the test of time, for over 20 years, many Officers have been providing services based on use of this software and have stood under the scrutiny of the mandatory auditing of the officers.

Benefits of the software include complete tracking of payments, automatic form generation for Bank Levies, Executions notices, garnish letters, MV Seizures, Warrants of Arrest and more. A complete history of all transactions is automatically maintained by the program. Also many forms such as the CO55 for the DMV, Bank Levy Notice to Debtor, certifications, levy order, motion to enter a house, motion to collect dollarage have been added to to the program which greatly reduces the workload on your staff.

Now available are the SQL version for improved multi-user performance and improved database stability. Also Just released (1/1/04) is the optional Scanning module for computerized tracking of  important documents such as Writs of Execution and Warrants of Removal.

Click here for an interactive demo of the software.
The demo is a series of actual screen shots from the program. You may navigate
through most of the program by left clicking with your mouse on the buttons.

Examples of Forms

Updates for current users.
Instruction Sheets for NJCC Version 3.2.XXX software

Supported Operating systems are 32bit/64bit Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7or 8 with 1GBb RAM min. and 2-4GB recommended. Windows 7 or Windows 8 Professional are the preferred environment. Microsoft SQLEXPRESS 2005 or 2008 is required. 5-10GB of free hard drive space is recommended. Scanning of documents requires a Microsoft Windows based 'TWAIN' compliant scanner. .

Please feel free to contact us at (or 201-986-2047) to find out more about this amazing software.

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